Security Clearance Tracking App

Put your security clearances on auto pilot

Clear Track is an online application that automates the process of managing security clearances, background checks and certifications for your organization’s staff, contractors and volunteers.


Unlimited Clearances – Add unlimited custom clearances, background checks, certifications and tie them to user roles. Examples could be:

  • Act 114 FBI Criminal History Report
  • Act 34 – Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check
  • Act 151 Child Abuse Report
  • Act 31/Act 126 Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Training & more

Unlimited User Roles – Add unlimited custom user roles. 

Examples for K-12 schools could include:


  • Teachers
  • Aides
  • Coaches
  • Summer Camp Counselors


  • Assistive Volunteers
  • Program Volunteers

Examples for Churches could include:


  • Pastor
  • Youth Leader
  • Childcare


  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Parent Volunteers

Other organizations that need to maintain and monitor clearances and other training requirements would include: Medical/Dental Offices, Youth Sports Leagues, Contractors, etc.

Unlimited Users – Add unlimited users to the system for tracking their clearances. Users have the ability to log in, upload their documents, check their own clearance status and expiration dates etc.

Tracking – Instantly determine which clearances are 60 days, 45 day, 30 days, 15 days out from expiring.

Alerts – Automatically send alerts out to users as their clearance expiration date approaches.


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